“Jessica’s coaching really challenged me to think differently, it was like a total reset. Within a few weeks she helped turn my business around. ”

David Smalley
Head of Business Development, Tonic Media

“What was great about working with Jess was that within a very short period of time, I had achieved the task I set out to do (update my CV and achieve clarity on my next move), but also had got more than I bargained for; clarity on the real drivers for change that were leading to me wanting to move on. With some really practical exercises Jess was able to help me see myself as a person with unique strengths, weaknesses, personal and professional goals. Jess not only helped me take charge of problem solving in my career, but actually enabled me to see what opportunities I had to progress and develop within my current position.”

Pamela Rana, Business Solutions Consultant APAC

“I’ve known Jessica for more than 5 years and she’s been my professional career coach and counselor for the last 18 months. She brings invaluable insights and an independent perspective across complex situations — especially managing relationships. Jessica has excellent instincts on power dynamics and identifying organisational influencers. I’ve appreciated her advice immensely when it comes to seeing the forest from the trees.”

Asia-Pacific Business Development Leader
(A Global Big Four Consulting firm)

“Jessica was instrumental in helping us learn more about ourselves and our employees. We had lost our way as a team which then impacted on the way we structured and ultimately ran the day to day tasks of the business. Jessica provided us with some very practical assistance in business operations, which helped us split the workload, stay focused and productive…and get rid of the “merry-go-round”!”

Peter Barri, Elders Insurance Benalla, Mansfield, Alexandra & Yea

“After being part of a team coaching session with Jessica, she was the only person that I thought of to ask to provide coaching on an individual level. With Jessica’s guidance, I was able to gain a greater insight into my emotions and the triggers behind them so that I could develop strategies to better regulate them. This in turn gave me so much more confidence to handle difficult situations in a more constructive way. It was Jessica’s professionalism coupled with her warm and open personality that made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the coaching process. She provided a safe environment where I could be truly honest with myself which enabled real improvement.”

Ashleigh Barri,