About us

Why Intact Teams?

In a leadership context an ‘Intact Team’ is a group of people who work together on a regular basis. Intact also means ‘complete’, ‘not damaged’.

Intact Teams. Complete. Happy People. That’s what we stand for.

Intact Teams was born out of the passion of our founder Jessica Schubert to help people realise their potential, be happier, more confident, more resilient. After years of managing cross-cultural teams in corporate organisations across the globe, Jessica came to realise that learning about yourself and developing interpersonal skills is the most powerful tool to lead and influence people around you.

And that is what we specialise in. We coach individuals and teams to realise their potential and achieve goals.

At Intact Teams we custom design impactful leadership programs and experiential soft skills workshops. We deliver development solutions for managers and leaders at all levels in key industries and segments in the world. We facilitate in your boardroom, off-site or online and deliver blended programs to your regional and global teams.

We inspire and challenge teams to learn, and to lead with excellence. With proven frameworks and models, a fresh approach and tons of real life, international experience we help businesses create better leaders and teams. With a modern, business-oriented practical learning approach, we equip leaders around the globe with the skills necessary to drive behavioural change and increase productivity.

In a nutshell: we change lives and transform business.