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How Culture Can Eat Your Strategy for Breakfast

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It’s easy to forget about the basics that make a company successful when you’re focused on strategic innovation and execution all the time. Many leaders prioritise strategy over culture. This mistake could lead to disengaged employees and a lack of new ideas. A brilliant strategy, no matter how well-crafted, can fail if the organisational culture is not supportive.

Conversely, culture has been increasingly shown to improve organisational performance. A positive, engaged culture improves performance, employee happiness, retention, and productivity. Studies indicate that organisations with strong cultures outperform their competitors in terms of financial returns. A Harvard Business School study found that a good company culture increases net income by 765% over 10 years, emphasising the importance of culture for long-term success.

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The adage “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” popularized by management consultant Peter Drucker, underscores the immense power of culture.

We worked with Matthews Australasia, a leader in product identification and software traceability systems, to demonstrate how culture can alter leadership and organisational development.

Matthews’ senior leadership recognised the need to improve their organisational culture to meet strategic goals amidst fast growth. Matthews used our CATALYST Programme, a complete transformational leadership initiative, to align their business strategy with company values, improve leadership, and create a culture of engagement, collaboration, and creativity.

We worked with Matthews over 18 months and the results were profound. Participants reported significant improvements in their leadership effectiveness, with noticeable increases in trust and engagement within their teams. The program’s success at Matthews underscores a universal truth: culture is not just part of the game—it is the game.

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Jessica Schubert

I often get asked ‘Why do you do what do? Why coaching and developing people?’ The answer is easy: I care! And I am curious. But I am also really passionate about business.’

Born near Cologne in Germany and educated in Business, English and French, I have lived and worked in 6 different countries and have spent most of my last 20 years in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. No matter which industry I worked in, from hospitality to real estate and education, working with people and helping my teams to kick ass and be the best they can excites me. Helping businesses grow, operationally as well as in business development always has been front and center of what I do.

I am obsessed with empowering people to realise their potential and give them the leadership tools they need to create workplace cultures where people are happy AND productive.

I work with leaders in 1:1 coaching sessions, design and facilitate transformational programs and share insights in panels and keynotes globally. Industries span rom retail, travel, IT and finance to real estate, design and hospitality.

I truly partner with my clients, and my mission is to listen, understand and tailor learning solutions that fit the people and organisational goals.

My steps to create corporate cultures:

CONVERSATION – listen and understand challenges

CONSULT – suggest tailored learning solutions

CO-CREATE – include leaders in the design process

COACH – deliver, facilitate and coach

CONSIDER – feedback and go back to conversation