A transformational Leadership Program
for Cultural Change

In today’s fast-paced business world, the focus on goals, strategy, and performance often overshadows the critical element of company culture.

Are you a medium sized enterprise or a department in a larger organisation who:

In today’s dynamic business environment facing constant changes and global challenges, the interplay between strategy and culture is pivotal, and leadership is the linchpin that holds these elements together.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

The adage “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” popularized by management consultant Peter Drucker, underscores the immense power of culture.

It suggests that even the most well-crafted strategies can falter if they are not supported by an appropriate corporate culture.

A strategy that aligns with the company’s culture is more likely to be embraced and executed effectively by its employees.

Conversely, a strategy that conflicts with the established culture will likely meet resistance, leading to poor implementation and suboptimal results.

Jessica delivered a leadership program that was tailored to suit Matthews, with a focus on building trust and alignment across the entire leadership team. Jessica is an engaging and skilled presenter, and the workshops offered a great blend of theoretical and practical insights and skills, to build capability in both emerging and existing leaders.

Mark Dingley CEO, Mathews Australasia

Levels of Corporate Culture 

Corporate culture, often considered the lifeblood of an organization, plays a pivotal role in shaping behaviour, influencing work ethics, and driving innovation. Research by Harvard Business Review emphasizes the critical importance of corporate culture in achieving organizational success. For leaders, the opportunity to mold and improve this culture is immense. It involves understanding the current cultural dynamics, identifying areas that align with the organization’s strategic goals, and actively working to cultivate a culture that fosters growth, collaboration, and adaptability.

Having worked with hundreds of organisations, we find that they typically go through these levels of cultures:

  1. Toxic: little social interaction, gossip, blaming, lack of meaningful contribution, command and control, micromanagement, office politics, power dynamics, fear
  2. Chaotic: silos, lack of real connection, focus on self, chaotic, ambiguity, little focus on developing as a team, staff attrition
  3. Strategic: transparent company goals and KPIs, strategic vision, clear business objectives, rigidness, lack of motivation, command and control
  4. Inspired: active participation in meetings and conversations, collaboration, leadership development & training, guiding leadership style, back delegating
  5. Empowered: common goals, alignment of strategy & culture, constructive feedback, high level of trust, productive conflict, leader as coach and empowerment

What is the Culture level in your organisation?

The only competitive advantage is the culture and values of the company


A transformational Leadership Program
for Cultural Change

Catalyst has been designed to be transformational. Keeping the systems approach to culture and all 4 quadrants in mind, here is what we believe must be developed and present to influence performance:

Mindset drives Behaviours.

Behaviours drive Culture.

Culture drives Performance

Walk before you run

It’s important to start by deciding what Performance means for you. What does success look like? For some this would be more effective work processes or higher sales results. For others it’s all about increasing profit margins or reducing risk. Or do you want to focus on increased employee engagement and reduce attrition? No matter what it is, we help getting really clear on what you want to achieve with your leadership program.

In systemic fashion we then start working on individual and collective mindsets and beliefs followed by clarifying purpose and values of the team or organisation. This often involves workshopping the charter and agreeing on the behaviours you want to encourage and discourage. Only then will we design workshops and coaching sessions focussing on developing these behavioural skills in a quest to support your people to create a Culture that thrives.

how the Catalyst program works

The twelve-month program combines consulting, planning session, a series of skills workshops, 360 degree feedback, 1:1 executive and team coaching.


Pre-program stakeholder meeting

  • Culture Assessment, could be a SWOT or Spencer Stuart Framework
  • Leadership Alignment: what good leadership means to your organisation
  • How to measure Success
  • Create frameworks & scope; custom-design program

Culture Foundation Workshops

Create or revisit Company Charter:

  • Purpose/Mission/Vision
  • Company Values
  • Critical Behaviours

Leadership Skills & Behaviour Workshops

  • 6-8 full-day leadership skills workshops (tailored)
  • DISC Behavioural Assessments & Reports
  • 4-6 Group Coaching Sessions to embed skills
  • Learner Material & Online Support (MSTeams or Slack Channel)
Alignment & Momentum

Individual 360 Feedback and 1:1 Coaching

  • GENOS 360 Leadership or Flow 360 Feedback & debriefs

  • Coaching Panel for leaders: 6-8 Executive Coaching Sessions

  • Support with Communication, Process & Feedback



Team Coaching

Optional Team Coaching Sessions for

  • Executive Leadership Team

  • Senior Leadership Team

  • Leadership Team

The Leadership Skills & Behaviour Workshop will be custom-designed but here are some examples of skills our clients have focussed on in the past:

Catalyst Program Inclusions

The following options enable you chose how you would like to scale your transformational program and how much support you need (pricing below based on 15 participants):

Price on application

Jessica’s deep understanding of leadership and behaviour, and her willingness to work collaboratively to ensure the workshops and group coaching sessions really fit our business and could evolve based on ongoing feedback, made her an obvious choice to work with. She has an engaging, energetic, and authentic style, and excellent facilitation skills. This has made for a well-received program that has had tangible positive outcomes across our team, that include a new shared language and toolkit around leadership.

Marion Ferguson HR Business Partner

are you ready to transform your culture?

Contact me for a confidential discussion on the program that will best suit your organisation.

frequently asked questions

We will deliver the program in the timeframe that suits you and depending on the amount of support you require. However, typically the Catalyst Transformational Program takes 6-12 months to complete (depending on choice of Bronze, Silver, Gold).

Catalyst is about cultural change, and we recommend to start with your most senior people first. We typically run this program with the executive or senior leadership team first, followed by the wider team and mixed groups. If you are considering Catalyst for your team as part of a larger organisation, we recommend to include the entire team.

Our founder Jessica Schubert facilitates the development sessions and online group coaching sessions. We don’t outsource these sessions to outside facilitators. For the executive coaching sessions, we offer a coaching panel for coaches to choose from if you see fit.

This is flexible, however, we do recommend to run some of the sessions, especially the full-day workshops face to face. For face to face events, you will organise and cover the costs of the facilities. It can be facilitated in your conference rooms, or we can give you recommendations for external venues. If the sessions take place outside of Metropolitan Melbourne, you will cover the cost of staff and facilitator travel.

We can tailor a program that suits you. We will do a needs assessment and include the learning tools and sessions that help you achieve the learning goals for your leaders.

There is a range of payment options we can discuss. Some clients prefer to pay monthly instalments, others need to pay the entire program up front. A 20% deposit at the time of confirmation is required.

your facilitator

Jessica Schubert

I often get asked ‘Why do you do what do? Why coaching and developing people?’ The answer is easy: I care! And I am curious. But I am also really passionate about business.’

Born near Cologne in Germany and educated in Business, English and French, I have lived and worked in 6 different countries and have spent most of my last 20 years in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. No matter which industry I worked in, from hospitality to real estate and education, working with people and helping my teams to kick ass and be the best they can excites me. Helping businesses grow, operationally as well as in business development always has been front and center of what I do.

I am obsessed with empowering people to realise their potential and give them the leadership tools they need to create workplace cultures where people are happy AND productive.

I work with leaders in 1:1 coaching sessions, design and facilitate transformational programs and share insights in panels and keynotes globally. Industries span rom retail, travel, IT and finance to real estate, design and hospitality.

I truly partner with my clients, and my mission is to listen, understand and tailor learning solutions that fit the people and organisational goals.

My steps to create corporate cultures:

CONVERSATION – listen and understand challenges

CONSULT – suggest tailored learning solutions

CO-CREATE – include leaders in the design process

COACH – deliver, facilitate and coach

CONSIDER – feedback and go back to conversation