A very Happy New Year 2022

While reading this last newsletter of 2021, I hope you are somewhere nice: sitting on a beach sipping a cocktail, rugged up in front of a fire or safely couped up with your family. My wish for you is that you have space to reflect on the 2021 that was, reflect on what served you and what didn’t and being able to go into the New Year with intention and renewed power.

I saw this post by Yung Pueblo – author and mediator – the other day and it inspired me to think about my own intentions for 2022:


let yourself change

make rest a high priority

say no without feeling bad

stop jumping to conclusions

do not rush important things

build your own idea of success

make more time for key friends

appreciate the small steps forward

stay aligned with your highest goals

take the risk when your intuition says yes

build with people who are open to growth

What stands out for me is that we treat ‘rest’ like something we have to earn. We work so hard that we often can’t enjoy resting but simply try to get just enough sleep to do it all over again.

In 2022 I want to use my energy better. I want to rest often and make it a priority so that I can enjoy my work and free time. I will not feel guilty for resting or taking some time for myself. I know it will make me happier and more present for the people around me.

What are your intentions for 2022?

Our team at Intact Teams wishes you a wonderful rest of 2021 and a safe journey into the New Year. We can’t wait to see you and make 2022 a happy and successful one together.

Jessica Schubert

Jessica Schubert is a Leadership Expert, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Author and Speaker. She is obsessed with helping people realise their potential and unlock their inner genius.

Born in Cologne, Germany, Jessica has travelled the world and has spent more than 20 years leading cross-cultural teams in competitive markets throughout Europe and the Asia Pacific. As she worked with and coached her own diverse, cross-cultural teams, she came to realise that learning about yourself and developing interpersonal skills is the most powerful tool to lead and influence people around you.

In 2013 she launched Intact Teams, where she and her team have worked with thousands of leaders in organisations worldwide, delivering custom-designed leadership programs and workshops. These interactive and engaging programs are offered both virtually and in-person, helping leaders and their teams succeed in a complex and ever-changing business environment.

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Jessica Schubert